I am Tijo Salverda, an anthropologist working at the University of Cologne's Global South Studies Center. In addition, I am a research associate with the University of Pretoria's Human Economy Programme - see also our blog here.

I hold a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology and an MA in World History. In order to understand why people do what they do, I explore what lies below the surface of what people say they do. I explicitly include the influence of social conventions, cultural patterns, dominant paradigms, and structural aspects. It is often a challenge to understand how different aspects interact with each other and shape our lives and that of others around the world. But I am of the opinion that only by analysing the interactions between different aspects involved we are able to explain behaviour and social and economic trends. In many instances the more intangible aspects are ignored, either because we are not fully aware of these or because they are too intangible to grasp - and difficult to measure. But these conventions and patterns may still affect the course of events and ought, therefore, to be included in critical analyses of, among others, economic (and capitalist) behaviour.

My research focuses on interactions between investors/corporations involved in large-scale land based agriculture and their critics, power and elites, geopolitics, (global) finance, and the study of economic behaviour from an economic anthropological perspective. I have wide international experience and conducted research on the tropical island of Mauritius and in South Africa, Zambia, France and the UK. I speak Dutch, English, German, and French.

And last but not least, I enjoy tasty food and a good party.